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Why we need GDRZ-902 Transformer SFRA?

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Why we need GDRZ-902 Transformer SFRA?

After the transformer is designed and manufactured, its coil and internal structure are determined. Therefore, for a multi-winding transformer coil, if the voltage level is the same and the winding method is the same, the corresponding parameters (Ci, Li) of each coil should be Is ok. Therefore, the frequency domain characteristic response of each coil is also determined accordingly, and the frequency spectrum of the corresponding three-phase coils is comparable.


Transformer is an indispensable important instrument in power system. During transformer repair or transportation, transformer winding may be deformed. At the same time, inter-turn and inter-phase short circuit may also occur during the test of transformer. The transformer winding deformation tester is mainly used to measure various parameters of the transformer internal winding. After obtaining various accurate measurement data, the computer system compares and analyzes it to make judgments on the internal fault state of the transformer.



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