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Operation introduction for CT Analyzer

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 Operation introduction for CT Analyzer

CT Analyzer Operation introduction

CT Analyzer is also called CT parameter analyzer, mianly used for testing excitation parameters for current transformer (CT), voltage transformer (PT), including: turns ratio, turns ratio error, polarity, coil resistance, ratio and angularity checking, ect. CT Analyser is a professional test tool for protection transformer integrated parameter verification.


How to connection with CT Analyzer?

The connection for CT analyzer is very simple. Before connection, please read

GDVA-405 Automatic Current Transformer and Potential Transformer Tester user manual,to know working principle of the transformer.

It is easy to understand, please see as following picture, for example transformer direct resistance, the excitation test conection, just simply look at the method of connection and its test principle.

Connection for CT Analyzer

How to set parapmeter for CT Analyser?

After connecting, it is also need to set partial parameter such as test voltage, test current, etc., which can be used to enter the corresponding interface settings as follows:

(1) The line number, the correspondence,PT numbers, winding numbers can enter letters and numbers.

(2)  Rated secondary voltage: Rated voltage at the secondary side of voltage transformer.

(3)  Level: The level of the queued, there are 2 options such as P, metering.

(4)  Current temperature: The temperature of the winding temperature is typically input, and the temperature real time can be entered.

(5)  Rated frequency: optional value is: 50 Hz or 60Hz.

(6)  Maximum test voltage: The maximum power frequency equivalent voltage output by the device during the test.

(7)  Maximum test current: the maximum AC current of the device output during the test.

Test Results for CT Analyser

After finishing above steps, select "Start Test". Please don't turn off  power during test. when the current is relatively large, there is a current sound in the CT Analyser, which is a normal phenomenon.

CT-analyzer test results

The test results can be output or saved, and power is turned off, and cable can be removed, please note instrument can be kept in the dry place for a long time.



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