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Frequency Conversion Series Resonant AC Hipot Test System For 500kV GIS Switchgear

GDXZ Frequency Conversion Series Resonant AC Hipot Test System For 500kV GIS Switchgear is suitable for completing the AC withstand voltage test of 500kV and below GIS, switchgear and other substation equipment .
The test frequency is 30-300Hz, the test voltage does not exceed 650kV, and the test time is 1min.
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Frequency Conversion Series Resonant AC Hipot Test System For 500kV GIS Switchgear

Series Resonant AC Hipot Test System

1. Main Components for GDXZ Frequency Conversion Series Resonant AC Hipot Test System For 500kV GIS Switchgear (eg: GDXZ-1300KVA 650KV)

No. Name Model and Specifications Unit QTY

Variable Frequency


Set 1

Excitation Transformer


Set 1

HV Reactor


Set 4

Capacitor Voltage Divider


Set 1

2. Introduction

1) GDXZ Frequency Conversion Series Resonant AC Hipot Test System For 500kV GIS Switchgear adopts the method of adjusting the frequency of the power supply, so that the reactor and the tested capacitor can achieve resonance, so as to obtain high voltage and large current on the tested product. 

2) Because of its small power supply, light weight and small size, it has been widely praised and applied in China and other countries. 

3) GDXZ Frequency Conversion Series Resonant AC Hipot Test System is a new method and trend of high-voltage testing at present.

3. Main Technical Index

(1) Rated Capacity:1300kVA

(2) Rated Voltage:650KV

(3) Rated Current:2A

(4) Measurement Accuracy:Effective value 1.5 class

(5) Working Frequency:30-300Hz

(6) Output Waveform:sine wave

(7) Quality Factor:device itself Q≥30(f=45Hz)

(8) Waveform distortion rate: output voltage waveform distortion rate ≤ 1%

(9) Input Power Supply: Three Phase 380V,50/60Hz.

(10) Working Time:Under rated load,allow continuous work 60min; overvoltage 1.1 times for 1 minute

(11) Temperature Rise:Temperature rise ≤65K after continuous operation under rated load for 60min

(12) Protection Functions:Overvoltage, overcurrent, zero start, system detuning (flashover) and other protection functions.

(13) Ambient temperature: -20℃-55℃

(14) Relative humidity: ≤90%RH

(15) Altitude: ≤3000 meters

4. Main Features

1) GDXZ Frequency Conversion Series Resonant AC Hipot Test System has several protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, zero-position start, system detuning (flashover), etc. The overvoltage and overcurrent protection value can be set according to the user's needs, and the flashover protection action of the test product can be recorded when the flashover occurs,the voltage value will be recorded for experimental analysis.

2) Easy to use in the field.

3) The device has three working modes: automatic mode, manual mode, automatic tuning and manual boost mode; it is convenient for users to choose flexibly according to the site conditions and improve the test speed.

4) It can store and print data in different places, and the stored data number is a number, which is convenient for users to identify and search.

5) When the device automatically sweeps the frequency, the starting point of the frequency can be set arbitrarily within the specified range, and the sweep direction can be selected upward or downward. At the same time, the large LCD screen displays the scanning curve, which is convenient for users to intuitively understand whether the resonance point is found.

6) Using DSP platform technology, the functions and upgrades can be increased or decreased according to user needs, and the man-machine exchange interface is more user-friendly.

7) The required power supply capacity is greatly reduced. The series resonant power supply uses the resonant reactor and the capacitor to resonate to generate high voltage and large current. In the whole system, the power supply only needs to provide the part of the power consumption in the system, so the power supply power required for the test is only 1/Q of the test capacity.

8) The weight and volume of the equipment are greatly reduced. In the series resonance device, the bulky high-power voltage regulator and ordinary high-power power frequency test transformer are omitted, and the resonant excitation power supply only needs 1/Q of the test capacity, which greatly reduces the weight and volume of the system. Generally, it is common 1/10-1/30 of the test device.

9) Effectively improve the output voltage waveform. The resonant power supply is a resonant filter circuit, which can improve the waveform distortion of the output voltage, obtain a good sine waveform, and effectively prevent the false breakdown of the test product by the harmonic peak.

10) Prevent large short-circuit current from burning the fault point. In the series resonance state, when the insulation weakness of the test product is broken down, the circuit is detuned immediately, and the loop current rapidly drops to 1/Q of the normal test current. If the traditional parallel resonance or test transformer is used for the withstand voltage test , the breakdown current immediately rises dozens of times. Compared with the two, the short-circuit current and the breakdown current are hundreds of times different. Series resonance can effectively find insulation weak points, and there is no worry of large short-circuit current burning the fault point.

11) There will not be any recovery overvoltage. When the sample breaks down, the high voltage disappears immediately due to the loss of resonance conditions, the arc is extinguished immediately, and the re-establishment process of the recovery voltage is very long, and it is easy to disconnect the power supply before reaching the flashover voltage again. The process is an intermittent oscillatory process of energy accumulation, which is long and no recovery overvoltage occurs.

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