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How to deal acetylene in transformer oil?

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How to deal acetylene in transformer oil?

                           How to deal acetylene in transformer oil?

If there are acetylene in the transformer oil, vacuum degassing method is generally derived from acetylene. As simply using  transformer to circulate, there will be some acetylene  to adsorb in the body or  blind spot of transformer box, the best method is transformer ----- oil storage cabinet unilateral acetylene degassing treatment.  Pay attention to the following matters during processing:

1. The oil is filtered from the transformer to oil tank , high purity nitrogen should be injected into the transformer side at the same time.

In order to prevent acetylene adsorbed on solid insulating material in transformer box, it is slowly spread to transformer oil after treatment. At the same time, since the solubility of nitrogen in oil is larger than the acetylene, it can be prevented moist for insulating material during oil filtering.

Our ZJA Series Transformer Oil Purifier is professional for treatment of transformer oil, it can efficiently remove water, gases, acid, particles, etc. from the oil.

With the advantages of high working vacuum, high filtration speed, oil quality protection, the filter advanced the oil treatment technique and equipment performance and once can raise the puncture voltage up to over 35V.

2. After the transformer body oil is exhausted, the transformer body is evacuated with a vacuum filter, and when the vacuum pump reaches the actual highest value,  need still keep vacuum conditions. The vacuum pump continues to start, should not be less than 24 Hour.  It should always focus on the transformer has no deformation during vacuum time period.

Our ZJ Series  vacuum pump is suitable for vacuum drying and vacuum oil injecting for high voltage electrical transformer from 220kV-1000kV.

3. There may be have acetylene in the on-load switch, and  loaded reactive switch should be vacuumed with  transformer body simultaneously, at the same time, pay attention to the on-load switch  should be maintain sealing.

4. Filtration oil takes a single direction until qualified

5. After the processing is complete, the transformer oil should be injected into the transformer by vacuum oil filter.

In summary, the transformer oil contains acetylene, there are many reasons, and it is necessary to remove by one by one.

In order to prevent judgment errors, the newly loaded transformer should be analyzed by the DGA test report, on-site oil treatment, handover test, etc., combined with electrical test, oil test analysis, and equipment installation, operation, test and other conditions, to identify acetylene reason. In addition, in order to prevent problems, the management of transformers must be strict, and the detection of oil is real-time tracking.



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