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What is transformer nameplate rating?

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What is transformer nameplate rating?

The transformer rated value is the provisions of the manufacturer's normal use of transformers, and transformer operates in the predetermined rated value, ensuring long-term reliable work and has good performance. Its rated value includes the following aspects:

1. Rated capacity: It is the guarantee value of output capability in the transformer in the rated state, and the unit uses voltammetry (VA), KVA) or Zhaofu (MVA), since the transformer has high running efficiency, usually, the rated capacity design value of the secondary winding is equal.

2,Rated voltage: It refers to guarantee value of no load the transformer, the unit is flu volt (V), and the kV (kV). If it is not a special instruction, the rated voltage is wire voltage.

3, Rated current: It refers to rated capacity and the line current calculated by the rated voltage, and the unit is represented by An (a).

4,No-load current: Percentage of the monomagnetic current when the transformer is empty.

5, Short circuit loss: If one side winding short circuit, other side winding is applied to the active loss of both side windings to reach the rated current, and the unit is expressed in watt (W) or kW).

6, No-load loss: It refers to  transformer active power loss at airborne operation, uint is W or kW

7, Short circuit voltage: Also known as impedance voltage, refers to percentage of the voltage applied to the rated voltage when the winding is shorted and the other windings reaches the rated current.

8. Connecting group:It indicates that the connection method of the primary, secondary winding and the phase difference between the line voltage,expressed with the clock.

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