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What tests should do for transformers in field?

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What tests should do for transformers in field?

In order to ensure that transformer can function properly in field

the following tests should be performed:

1) Transformer Temperature test: Temperature is a key factor to help judge whether transformer is running well or not.  The upper oil temperature must not exceed 85 degrees (i.e., temperature rise is 55 degrees). Most transformers are equipped with a dedicated temperature test device.

2) Transformer Burden Test: In order to improve the utilization of transformer, and reduce loss of electrical energy. While transformer works, it is necessary to measure the power supply capacity that the transformer actually undertakes. The test  is usually carried out during the period with the highest electricity consumption in each season, and is directly determined by crane current table. Current value should be 70% of transformer rated current, if overload, should be adjusted immediately.

3) Transformer Voltage Test : The procedure requires voltage variations within 5% of the rated voltage.  If exceeds this range, the tape should be adjusted to make the voltage reach a predetermined range. Generally, the voltage meter is used to measure secondary winding voltage and end user's terminal voltage

4) Transformer insulation resistance test:

In order to make transformer are always in good condition, the insulation resistance test must  be performed to prevent an ageing of insulation.When test, it should be tried to stop transformer, and the transformer insulation resistance value is measured by the shake table, and the measured resistance is not less than 70% of previous measured value.

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